Introducing Backbase CXP 5.5 with Powerful New Mobile and WCM Features

Early in the first quarter of 2014 we released the latest version of our flagship product Backbase CXP. The Backbase CXP 5.5 edition features mobile app development and powerful content management capabilities, which is great news for enterprises that want to create exceptional multi-channel projects. The new features put business owners, digital marketers, and content editors firmly in control of all digital content, including portals, websites, apps, and mobile apps.

The highlights you can expect to see in Backbase CXP 5.5 include:

WCM – with scheduled and page level publishing, advanced SEO support, Master Pages and Visual Page Templating, Dynamic Link Management, and enhanced ‘In-Context-Editing’ capabilities.

Mobile Application Development – introduces mobile augmentation, mobile app manager and out-of-the-box blueprints for responsive design, hybrid apps, and native apps. New app deployment capabilities (Google Play, Apple Store), app update, sync, and publishing features.

Enterprise Catalog / App Store – has strong import / export capabilities for all Backbase CXP assets, including complete ls, portal servers, or even between other vendors and your portal – also known as App Store capabilities.

Manageable Single Page Interfaces (SPI) and AJAX apps – visual editor for SPI’s and AJAX applications, including complex navigation management, URL-to-State, and flow management.

Enterprise Application Integration – Backbase CXP 5.5 ships with a mediation and routing engine for enterprise application integration, including out of the box pipes and development IDE.

Jouk Pleiter, our CEO, summed up the result of these new features saying “Backbase CXP delivers real control over the most important aspects of every multi-channel and digital experience by providing: strong application integration and security features, advanced web content management, powerful digital marketing tools, forms and origination, and leading UX design and management capabilities.”

Backbase CXP 5.5 is available to existing Backbase customers and new clients. If you’d like to read the official press release, you’ll find it here.