On FinovateFall 2012 we presented Backbase’s latest development – Backbase Launchpad. Launchpad is based on Backbase Portal technology, and is intended to provide banks and financials a unique user experience platform for their clients:

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So what’s new in Backbase Launchpad, and how is it different from our portal software? Backbase Launchpad is not just a portal software, but essentially what we call a “portal out of the box”. A bank can kick start a Bank 2.0 project portal for its clients for different purposes, in a time frame of just couple of months!

One of the main capabilities of Launchpad is the integration of public/marketing information, with private information (such as account balance) on one single platform, creating a single customer journey. The client can easily switch from his account balance (which he or she checks couple of times a week, some every day), to the bank’s marketing material. Moreover, the bank has the capability to show the client marketing material relevant to him, thus making the bank’s products more appealing. This is done through what we call Contextual Targeting.

Backbase Launchpad already includes all the advanced features of the recent developments of Backbase, such as, the contextual targeting mentioned above, responsive design for mobile and tablets (or native app capability for iOS and Android), in context editing and etc. Also, it includes pre-built widgets of Account Overview, Payments, Address Book, PFM tools, ATM Locator, Social Login and much more will be available.

We know that we keep repeating ourselves, but this time it is more relevant than ever before: Backbase Launchpad is an extremely easy-to-use platform. It can be managed by any user in the bank – marketing professionals, analysts, IT support – who all benefit from the service-oriented architecture on which the Launchpad is built. This helps the bank professionals to carry out their business operations without IT dependency.

We hope you enjoyed watching. See you in FinovateAsia 2012!

For more information on Backbase Portal and Backbase Launchpad: