Targeting - Retargeting and Analytics - Keys of Digital Marketing in Banking [TWIEB #41]

Banks Include Retargeting As Part Of Digital Marketing Strategy \ Jim Marous

From a marketers perspective, retargeting allows an organization to customize the overall prospect or customer experience and maintain consistency across all customer touch points. In other words, the retargeting does not need to stop with online ads, but could extend to email and even direct mail as part of an overarching cross-channel strategy.

Customer Analytics Growing in Banks \ American Banker

American Banker Research recently set out to discover the demand and usage for customer analytics throughout the banking industry. 33% of bankers who do use customer analytics say they plan to increase spending on such programs by a mean of 15% in 2013

Are Bankers Ready for the Bank 3.0 Reality? \ BANKNXT

In an exclusive interview about his newest book, Bank 3.0, Brett King discusses how change occurring in the banking industry is inevitable, speeding up and disruptive. From the mobile wallet wars to the impact of social media, tablets and the ‘de-banked’ and digital consumer, Bank 3.0 shows why banking is no longer a place you go to, but something you do.

Social Media Within Financial Services \ Finextra

Listening is a hard skill understood by many but performed by few. Certainly corporate listening has been virtually non-existent to date. Social media only works if it is controlled by society that can utilise global connectivity to discuss or present the individual view, which may well create a groundswell of opinion and movement on a revolutionary scale. It does not work if it becomes an Orwellian tool for Big Brother.

Best Banking Blogs 2012 \ The Financial Brand

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