Backbase will be hosting this week another Bank 2.0 webinar: Experiential Innovation for Bankers,  on January 17, 13:00 EST time. In this webinar we will host Michael Ruckman, CEO and president of Senteo, and will focus on:

  • The shift from individual experiences (contacts) to a meaningful relationship
  • The difference between retention (removing reasons why your customers might leave) and loyalty (creating reasons for customers to stay)
  • What is the difference between creating an experience at a point of contact and creating an experience in the overall relationship with a customer?
  • What is required to help your customers understand the benefit of consolidating their financial life in one bank?

In this fast-paced and engaging presentation, Michael Ruckman will outline the framework for Experiential Innovation in the banking industry including comments on how to design, build, measure, and manage an experiential banking business. His experience in retail and SME bank transformations from clients in over 30 countries adds to the examples and stories that are included in his presentation.

Interested? Register to the webinar at: