Al Rajhi Bank, one the world’s leading Islamic banks, has launched an innovative online banking platform built with Backbase Portal.

Backbase CEO and co-founder, Jouk Pleiter, praised the Al Rajhi Bank’s vision and dedication to providing a great customer experience, saying “From the initial conversations to the launch of the internet banking platform, it was very clear that the bank has a strong digital vision and is focused on consistently improving their online customer experience. It’s great to see how they transformed their vision into reality”.

The bank has used Backbase’s cutting-edge portal technology to create an online environment that empowers its customers. Al Rajhi Bank account holders can now customize their account profiles to suit their needs, using specially designed widgets. The software also makes life easier for the bank’s e-business team by delivering cross- and up-sell capabilities that can draw upon relevant content to be targeted at specific customer segments or even individuals.

Al Rajhi Bank is the latest in a long line of global banks, including Deutsche Bank, ABN AMRO, and Barclays to call upon our expertise in creating unbeatable online customer experiences with our Bank 2.0 Portal.

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