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Those at FinovateEurope 2013 were impressed with Backbase’s new Digital Marketing Module, which delivers powerful Amazon style promotional features with just one line of code.

FinovateEurope brings together the best and brightest in the fintech world to present the most cutting edge technological advancements being made in the financial services today. This is the 9th time that Backbase has been selected to participate in the event.

This year Backbase debuted the newest feature of their Bank 2.0 Portal; a powerful digital marketing module. What makes this module so incredible is that it mimics Amazon’s famed cross- and up-sell capabilities, by implementing just a single line of code in the customer’s account page. Audience members who were treated to a demonstration of the module, which is capable of combining offline CRM information with online behavioral data to create promotions that are unique, personal and relevant to customers and audience segments, tweeted their approval from the event:


Backbase is known for providing innovative, engaging customer experiences for banks and their customers by continuously adapting and evolving alongside the fast changing online world. Their latest presentation at FinovateEurope 2013 from Jouk Pleiter (Co-founder & CEO) and Jelmer de Jong (Global Head of Marketing) showed that the company remains at the top of its game.

As Backbase continues to develop their Bank 2.0 Portal to provide tools for banks to offer ever more relevant customer experiences, they are moving beyond simply supporting digital marketing towards a reality where digital channels will deliver total customer engagement and inspire real, unbreakable loyalty.

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