We’re proud to announce the guest speaker for next week’s webinar, Bradley Leimer. Join the conversation on Tuesday, April 23 from 1pm to 2pm EDT.

Register now to ensure you don’t miss out on hearing Bradley Leimer discuss how changes in customer behavior and the latest design trends are impacting financial application development. Leimer is Vice President of Online and Mobile Strategy at Mechanics Bank and is a renowned financial technologist and engagement banking advocate.

Throughout the webinar Leimer will explore topics including shifting customer expectations, how accelerating technology is driving changes that are altering traditional banking relationships, growth, revenue sourcing and customer loyalty. As banking transitions from being a business built on relationships to one of utility – where banking becomes something carried out through an application rather than something done in person – banks must focus on the effectiveness of their applications or jeopardize their business.

Finally, Leimer will talk about how banks can learn from changes in design and customer behavior in order to deliver relevant financial applications. He will also look making the concept of big data a more personalized and meaningful ‘small data’ experience for customers. In terms of existing online experiences, Leimer poses the questions ‘if your customer experiences were more like Apple, Amazon, Google or Facebook, what would that look like? And, what is most interesting in the new world of pre-paid, payments, and mobile.’

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