The shift towards a more customer-centric business model through digital innovation is nothing new, but, according to leading industry analysts, it’s definitely picked up steam in the last year. Jouk and Jelmer took a look at some of the innovations and changes in customer behavior that are behind the increased pace in customer experience innovation, and also discussed what business value a true customer experience platform should be capable of delivering.

Jouk began by discussing the current state of play in technological innovation. He noted that it must be expensive and time consuming for vendors to attempt to offer all the services today’s customers expect as the landscape of features and services is divided and scattered.

The two then spoke about Forrerster’s findings that almost all companies now recognize that they have to meet their customers on the digital channels and deliver a SUPER (simple, ubiquitous, personal, empowering, reassuring) digital customer experience. They debated what a superior customer experience would be from the point of view of the customer and how that can be translated into actual features and services, deciding that cross-channel experiences and device orchestrated sessions, as well as customization would be important.

Moving on they covered the need for a customer experience platform to have a customer-centric, ‘outside-in’ structure that empowered all stakeholders, including customers, IT, and business. Jouk presented a basic model that represented the core elements of the CXP. It showed a lean portal core, Web Content Management, Digital Marketing, Forms, and Mobile & Cross-Channel Delivery. Together they discussed how each of these four elements supported the essential tools needed to create a true Customer Experience Platform. They wrapped up with a lively Q&A session.
You can see all the slides from the webinar here, or watch the YouTube video to get the audio commentary.