Today in Singapore, at FinovateAsia 2013, Backbase revealed that the latest edition of Backbase Portal, their lean customer experience platform (CXP), includes powerful new social features. These new capabilities are the next step in the innovative vendor’s ongoing mission to help financial institutions develop successful omni-channel strategies to grow their brand and engage their customers.

Backbase introduced several new features all oriented towards guiding brands into the social connected world, including social login, social publishing, social marketing, and intuitive social app management. “Today’s enterprises need to interact with their customers, partners, and employees through compelling, seamless experiences across several channels,” said Jouk Pleiter, CEO & Co-Founder of Backbase. “With the new social capabilities that we deliver through the Backbase Customer Experience Platform we have made another great step forward in our vision of managing the entire omni-channel customer experience, on any device and across every channel.”

The powerful new features, which were debuted for the first time at FinovateAsia in a dynamic live presentation, make it possible to immediately distribute all portals, content, and campaigns created with Backbase across multiple social platforms at the click of a button. Additionally, end-customers will be able to use social login to authenticate their identities, which is great news for businesses as it has been shown to boost registration rates by up to 90%. Equally valuable is the direct access to a wealth of first-party customer data with which they can create a completely personalized customer experience.

Those at FinovateAsia quickly saw the possibilities of the new features, tweeting about the integration with Facebook’s social graph and the robust, smart targeting functionality:


Social login gives organizations the ability to deliver hyper-relevant content to their customers through targeted campaigns. The targeting tool pulls relevant information from people within their network, who have also opted in via social login, so campaigns can display group activity to connected friend networks to encourage participation in promotions through social proof. Backbase Portal’s social media tools fully empower digital marketing teams across all social networks, allowing them to create and manage any social media app and integrate tools and widgets from and social platform like Facebook.

For full details about Backbase Portal’s new social features, read the official press release.