Industry analyst Forrester released their predictions for the top technology trends for 2014 and beyond earlier this week. So what can enterprises expect and how can they adapt?

Forrester’s top five trends for the coming two years all confirm what we’ve been saying and preparing for: enterprises must ready themselves to deliver an engaging, omni-channel customer experience. All signs are pointing to the need for IT and business teams to put their heads together and leverage every bit of technology at their disposal to pull their businesses firmly into the 21st century and meet the demands of the connected customer.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 trends you can expect to see emerge, and how the Backbase Customer Experience Platform can help you meet them head on.

1. Digital convergence erodes boundaries

It’s been clear for quite a while that today’s consumers prefer to interact with brands via multiple channels. Now they expect that businesses are able to create a uniform experience across all of them, and all with the same level of real-time responsiveness and personal service. With Backbase Portal companies can maintain a 360-degree view of the customer journey across devices and channels to facilitate a seamless, omni-channel experience with a single platform that spans back-end systems including CRM and inventory databases, CMS and payment systems, as well as physical locations such as stores, distributors, customer service branches, and call centers.

2. Digital experience delivery makes (or breaks) firms

According to Forrester “A great digital experience is not a ‘nice-to-have’; it’s a ‘make-or-break’ for you business as we more fully enter the digital age.” Today’s enterprises must recognize that the customer is firmly in control, and in a highly competitive online marketplace, the digital customer experience is everything. A powerful customer experience platform (CXP) like Backbase Portal puts the customer at the center of the brand experience and allows them to create and personalize their account, while empowering the business to deliver highly relevant, engaging messages that strengthen the relationship.

3. APIs become digital glue

Forrester recognizes that the rapid pace of innovation, the fragmentation of digital channels, and the proliferation of new technology means that a one-size-fits all solution is no longer feasible or advisable for enterprises looking to remain relevant. The solution is a platform built on open, web-based standards that provide “open access to useful functionality through network-based services using technologies that are readily accessible from a broad range of programming environments.” Backbase Portal’s unique, widget-based architecture makes it the perfect fit to meet the challenges posed by the growing popularity of APIs. Widgets are digital building blocks that are technologically agnostic and deliver write once, run everywhere capabilities that open up a world of possibilities across all digital channels.

4. The business takes ownership of process and intelligence

“A new class of users demands more user-friendly, self-service features to automate ad hoc processes without expensive and scarce IT resources,” is how Forrester sums up the democratization of IT. However, it can be difficult to align business owners and IT teams without technology that simplifies the communication and issues of technological complexity surrounding development. Backbase Portal Manager empowers business teams to manage the customer experience, including mobile apps and digital marketing campaigns, holistically, without tapping IT resources.

5. Firms shed yesterday’s data limitations

Big data has been trending for a while now but newer technologies have emerged make incorporating effectively it into brand strategy a reality. Forrester states “firms that embrace big data concepts, open data, and adopt new adaptive intelligence approaches are creating next generation smart systems that overcome limitations and create disruptive business innovations.” Backbase is one of those firms, our powerful personalization and targeting tools are powered by Google to deliver real-time analytics so that enterprises can respond to the demands of their customers in an instant.

To read more about how Backbase can help you meet the technological demands posed by the latest innovations and changes in customer behavior visit our website, or download our Meet the Real Lean Portal white paper.

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