Meet Backbase Engage Our Digital Bank in a Box

Today we launched our complete digital banking solution Backbase Engage at NetFinance, the world’s largest conference for financials that want to compete online.

Backbase Engage is our out-of-the-box digital banking solution. We created it specifically to meet the needs of today’s banks and credit unions. It includes full support for internet, tablet, and mobile banking. Backbase Engage also delivers omni-channel support, meaning it facilitates cross-channel customer journeys and seamless orchestration with handovers between channels and devices. Its strong focus on user experience guarantees an elegant, Simple-like banking experience for every banks’ customers.

“A superior user experience, across all channels and devices, is essential for any bank that wants to stay relevant,” says our CEO & Co-Founder Jouk Pleiter, when asked about how idea for Backbase Engage came about. “With Backbase Engage we are offering an out-of-the-box solution for banks and credit unions that want to be able to compete with both their big rivals and the new banks that are starting to nibble at their customer base. We are giving these banks a fighting chance by providing them with a superior user experience across every device, and the all the most commonly used and requested apps.”

Backbase Engage comes with out-of-the-box apps for the most common digital banking scenarios: login, two-factor authentication, account overview, transaction details, PFM, bill-pay, transfers, P2P payments, message center, address book, and social integration. These apps are all optimized for regular browsers and are included in Backbase Engage’s pre-built native mobile app, available for Android and iOS. Backbase Engage also comes with cross-device user experience designs, which are fully responsive and include easy templating for further customization.

You can read all about how Backbase Engage can help your bank succeed online here, or read the full press release here.