business in control post - How Backbase Bank 2.0 Portal Puts Business in Control

Putting user experience in the forefront is one of our main premises. Indeed, we use the most up to date technologies and advanced UX practices to provide customers of banks and financials the best online platform. Nevertheless, we keep in mind that there is another type of users that is no less important – which are the teams that will use our software eventually: Marketing, marcom, content editors, business analysts and other business users.

What we have found out is that most online banking platforms are perpetuating the IT dependency, which characterized software development in the early days: User platforms were a mere representation of underlying systems and databases, with an inflexible change capability. Today, small changes still require IT support, let alone large modifications, and the overall appearance is mediocre. This led to the current situation in which banks are lagging behind the great leap forward that web experience platforms have taken in recent years. For the business users, it means that they cannot execute their innovative business plans timely enough and cannot respond to the rapidly changing business needs.

Outside-In vs. Inside-Out

We in Backbase believe in an Outside-In approach: User experience platform should be customer centric, and not product centric. In other words, developing in service oriented architecture (SOA) concepts in mind, we think of how to create the best online experience for the user, and only then we start getting the data from the bank’s existing system to support it.

Having the above approach in mind, now we will show some example of how we let business users to be in control with minimal IT intervention so they can carry out their business operation quickly and easily.

Portal Manager

The Portal Manager is an easy to use graphical user interface designed especially for business users. One of its highlights is the ability of creating templates for different customer segments. You can create, for instance, different templates for students, mid-careers or senior citizens, and target them based on their customer profile (such as age, account balance, or other external CRM parameters). Watch the video below to see how it works (FinovateEurope 2012):


In Context Editing

The In Context Editing capability is a powerful tool with which business users can edit content on the spot. All your content updates are automatically synchronized with the underlying Backbase content repository and your changes can be embedded in an approval workflow before being published to the live portal:

In Context Editing Backbase Portal

Example of In Context Editing on Backbase Portal

Drag and Drop Widgets

Creating the online experience for the user is actually a very simple one, using the widgets. Widgets are mini, autonomous web applications that can be embedded in the portal page. With drag and drop interface, you can add widgets that show the customer’s personal data such as account balance and investments; And also external data, such as exchange rates and bank announcements. Any user can easily understand and use widgets for editing, as can be seen below, in our presentation on FinovateEurope 2011:


Mobile Editor

Online banking experience is not complete without a superb mobile experience. For this reason, we developed the Mobile Editor as part of the portal manager. The Mobile Editor  enables you to create different templates for multiple devices – desktop, tablet, mobile – to optimize the user experience for each device (Read more on Multi Channel Banking). See how it looks like in practice:

Responsive Templates on Portal Manager

Example of defining different templates for different devices on Portal Manager

See it live on iPad from FinovateSpring 2010:


In conclusion, we at Backbase work hard to provide the best usability for business users so they can carry out their plans without IT dependency. We see this feature as indispensable for business users for reaching their business goals and to carry out their job successfully. You are welcome to read more on Bank 2.0 Portal on our site to see additional features that business users can utilize.

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