I just read Netbanker blogger Jim Bruene’s list of the 65 most popular iPhone applications from US Banks and financial services companies as a follow-up to his earlier list of the 30 most popular iPad applications for financials. Although it was a purely experience-based survey (he accessed the free apps in the Finance category for the Apple App Store and sorted by ‘Most Popular’) some of the interesting take-aways from the list are:

-Banks and card issuers took up 6 of the 10 top spots;

-Only 16 (25%) of the top-65 also had iPad apps;

-36 (55%) apps were from banks representing 29 unique banks (i.e., 7 apps are second or third ones from the same bank);

-Banks/card issuers commanded 6 of the top 10 spots (7 if you count PayPal).

The top 10 on the list included in order: Bank of America, Chase bank, Wells Fargo, Pay.Pal, Capital One, Pageonce, Mint.com, American Express, Square and USAA.

It’s another indication of how strong the interest is from both the users and the financials to tap into the mobile channel. It must be remembered, however, that iPhone users are still quite a minority worldwide and in the US represent only 6 percent of market share. Wonder what this list will look like in 2012?

Check out the blog post here for the full list.