June 9th Backbase is hosting another great webinar! Join us as we take on the important topic of social media in the financial services industry.

Everyone wants to know how financial services can adopt social media to gain an advantage over the competition. In this webinar you’ll find out the state of the industry and how to get the best customer experience regardless of whether your social outreach needs are online, mobile or both.

Christophe Langlois, a well-respected industry speaker, blogger and founder of Visible Banking will present, ‘Customer Experience without Borders: A Practical Guide to Social Media in Financial Services.’

Some of the highlights of the discussion will include:

  • How the use of social media will develop in the financial industry along with its predicted effects.
  • Which innovative banks and insurance companies are integrating or have already integrated social media into their business models.
  • We’ll see whether or not social media helps with their clients, product co-creators, services and sales.
  • We’ll look at community: volume vs engagement. Unique insights from the Visible Banking Twitter Watch series (1,400+ accounts in 70 countries) and the Visible Banking Facebook Watch series (800+ pages and apps in 70 countries).
  • Know Your Followers/Fans (KYF & crowdsourcing).

If you are among the first 30 registrants to attend the webinar you’ll receive a free copy of Langlois’s book, Customer Experience without Borders: A Practical Guide to Social Media in Financial Services.

Langlois’s book takes a pragmatic approach to social media in a heavily regulated financial services industry.  Its compelling theme is how to create the best customer experience in a world where customer expectations are rising all the time and there have never been more ways for unhappy customers to express their views. As a financial services company how will you deal with this new world order?