It appears that HTML5, the latest version of the web markup language, is gaining a following. In an article posted by the Forbes technology reporter JP Mangalindan, he sites statistics showing that at least 69% of web video is now available for playback via HTML5 Revolutionwhile last year that number was only 54%.

HTML5 has been used to make websites behave more like conventional desktop apps by incorporating video and data and helping them gain compatibility with mobile devices. According to the article key events leading to HTML5’s  traction include: Apple and Microsoft joint support and the iPad’s rise along with Google’s Chrome Web Store launch. Specifically, HTML5 is helping companies cut costs when they need to develop simultaneously for the Apple iOS and Google Android, a growing issue.

There are still plenty of limitations such as its inability to cope with large amounts of data and the handling of more complex media and images, but at the moment, HTML5’s flexibility and low cost are driving companies such as Amazon and LinkedIn to use it in their own website revolutions.

I wonder, how important is HTML5 in your development?