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The Backbase platform supports both traditional app server and new native cloud deployment models, enabling our customers to  safely make the transition from a classic deployment to a cloud deployment, without re-engineering. Backbase has done the hard work of abstracting the platform capabilities from the various cloud deployment models, so our customers have full flexibility to choose their preferred cloud deployment model and related providers.

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Banking Cloud

Backbase is also available via a cloud-based delivery model. Banks of any size use Backbase as a Platform-as-a-Service, that offers a scalable, manageable technology model that reduces IT hardware, maintenance and development costs. Backbase gives you the highest standards of security, performance and operating excellence in cloud operations in the financial services industry. It is supported by an ecosystem of infrastructure providers, systems integrators and consultants.

Pivotal Cloud Foundry & Amazon Web Services

The Backbase platform is ready to be deployed through Pivotal Cloud Foundry as well as through Amazon Web Services. Use the power of the Backbase platform, combined with the power over Amazon to reach the next level in your IT deployment strategy.

Backbase Certified Cloud Partners

Certified Backbase banking cloud partners give you the benefit of service provision across many countries with a single partner and complete consistency in service delivery and operations. Certified local banking cloud partners cover particular jurisdictions where data security laws or regulations require systems to be managed in-country. All certified partners have the relevant ISO and ISAE accreditation for cloud provision and proven track records in financial services. Contact Backbase to find a certified cloud partner in your region.

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