Full control over your omni-channel digital experience

All the tools to create and manage the very best digital experience. Backbase empowers both life and non-life insurance providers to repurpose traditional policy administration and claims management systems and integrates business rules, data and product models from these disparate systems into a seamless experience to fully support brokers, tied agents, and direct channels.

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Widget Driven Design System

Widgets are mini-applications, or lego blocks, that can be combined (mix & match) to create end-user applications such as: an online banking portal, a mobile banking app, a wearable app, or they can run embedded in the customer contact center and ATMs.

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Modular UX Lego

Backbase is powered by widgets, which are essentially mini applications. They work like modular user experience building blocks, taking the content and functionality they need from different underlying systems and combining it into easy to use customer experiences.

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Run Everywhere

Widgets are incredibly flexible, they can be reused across multiple apps, sites, portals, but also across channels and devices. They can have any look and feel, they talk with each other to create more dynamic contextual experiences, and they can be wrapped in mobile apps to be deployed to any mobile device or app store.

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UX Design System

Backbase comes with a complete UX design system, enabling you to move from prototype to product, faster and better. The Design system includes UX guidelines, sketch templates, Angular/iOS/Android UI components, and pre-built Widgets all working together to craft exceptional experiences.

Powerful InsurTech Architecture

Backbase provides an API-driven InsurTech platform with a robust set of digital capabilities that enable you to streamline superior omni-channel customer and agent interactions. It provides the logic to enable channel specific functionality, data persistency, and cross channel / cross business services orchestration. This all to streamline high-performance omni-channel experiences with rich and interactive data and functionality that normally would not be available directly from the core systems.

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Dynamic Forms & Case Management

Backbase helps you to model and streamline the interactive dialogs that drive digital sales and self-advice operations. It not only helps you to model and manage intelligent digital dialogs, but also helps you to design the business rules and process that routes the form input to the right systems and people within your organisation. It enables you to design interactive forms, calculators and simulation tools that make all interaction with your company intuitive, user-friendly and efficient.


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