Digital On-boarding
& Origination

100% Paperless

Design and automate all your origination and self-service dialogs across multiple channels, all directly integrated with your internal systems with straight through processing. Leverage powerful dynamic case management capabilities that bring together the people and information needed to get work done completely and correctly throughout the entire lifecycle of a case.

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Dynamic Forms Management (DFM)

Backbase DFM helps you to model and streamline the interactive dialogs that drive digital sales and self-advice operations. It not only helps you to model and manage intelligent digital dialogs, but also helps you to design the business rules and process that routes the form input to the right systems and people within your organisation. It enables you to design interactive forms, calculators and simulation tools that make all interaction with your company intuitive, user-friendly and efficient.


Without any programming, you will design intelligent, rule-driven dialogues resulting in intuitive, user-friendly and highly efficient interactions between customers and your organisation. Your customers will experience full control and will not have to answer unnecessary questions or go through process steps without the assistance of a domain expert. Of course, all input will be channelled to the appropriate systems and people within your organisation.


The same dynamic form models, rules and flows can be reused across multiple channels (e.g. online, mobile, call center, front-office) and in different devices (e.g. desktop, mobile, tablet, ATM, kiosk). Data provided by end-users can be saved automatically allowing the end-user to continue filling in the form in the future, even after switching channels (e.g. phone to desktop). A modular design and open architecture will help you keep the creation of forms manageable and flexible. You will only have to create the building blocks for forms once, in order to be able to reuse them for a variety of channels and labels.

Easy Business Configuration

The Backbase Studio is an one-stop-shop for designing and managing on boarding, self-service dialogs and business processes, all directly integrated with your internal systems to enable straight through processing. Combine visual modeling with your own custom code to deliver high-quality applications at the speed your business demands. Create beautiful and advanced UIs that perform well on all platforms, devices and the web. Get compelling experiences with drag-and-drop simplicity while Backbase takes away the complexity and change of underlying technologies.

Customer onboarding
and origination

What must banks do to remain relevant in a rapidly changing environment? With very little time to adapt, what is the smart way to take on digital onboarding and origination? What support is available to simplify and expedite the process?

Download the whitepaper and learn the reasons why banks lag behind with digitized onboarding and origination, how they can overcome these challenges, and the opportunities that come with this seemingly impossible task.

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Dynamic Case Management (DCM)

Backbase DCM provides for rapid, integrated and goal oriented handling of cases between your knowledge workers, customers and other stakeholders. With everyone involved having access to the same information, you will collaborate more effectively and consistently. Decisions will be transparent and always in line with the latest acceptance criteria and compliance rules. Complex processes will become manageable thanks to dynamic processes, and automation of business rules. This will give your loan officers more time for more complex cases. The result: fewer mistakes, more efficient operations and more satisfied customers.

Single Customer View

DCM connects information, processes and people. The result is an integrated customer view: all available and necessary information is always up-to-date and presented to all stakeholders in a user-friendly manner. With everyone having access to the same information, collaboration efficiency and customer-friendliness will increase.

Maximum Flexibility

With DCM you can design dynamic and rule-driven models to represent processes and decisions. This ensures maximum flexibility and transparency. It will enable you to describe the main components of a process in rules that determine which steps are permitted, rather than prescribed. How a case develops depends on its context.

Improved Efficiency

Your business will become more efficient by automatically processing as many cases as possible by means of Straight Through Processing (STP). Your service delivery will gain speed and quality, in part because your knowledge workers will now have more time left over for the more complex cases and in-person service to your high-value clients.

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The Future is Omni-Channel

Backbase’s view is centred around omni-channel customer engagement orchestration. Yesterday’s onboarding solutions are quite fragmented and silo-ed. Today’s customers are using multiple devices and multiple channels to accomplish a task over time, and this is especially true when purchasing new products and services. The customer expects the same experience on every device and on every channel, and they expect to be able to perform a seamless handover between devices and channels.
Backbase empowers Financial Services organisations with an omni-channel on-boarding and origination solution that runs independently from their core (legacy) systems and streamlines interactions across all touch points.

Illustration Mobile Playbook@x2 - Onboarding & Origination

Next Level
Mobile Banking

Banks have approached the creation of mobile apps in one of two ways. Most banks and credit unions have simply created a custom mobile app that’s more or less isolated from other customer touchpoints – online banking, telephone banking or branch – in order to tick a box and get feature parity with their competitors.

Download the whitepaper and learn about best practices in how banks and credit unions move their mobile banking experience to the next level.

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