Origination & Process Digitisation

Design and automate all your origination and self-service dialogs across multiple channels, all directly integrated with your internal systems with straight through processing. Leverage powerful dynamic case management capabilities that brings together the people and information needed to get work done completely and correctly throughout the entire lifecycle of a case.

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Onboarding and Dynamic Case Management

Backbase offers a comprehensive set of capabilities for designing and managing efficient client onboarding and case management processes. It facilitate smooth, omni–channel, dialogs, assures legal and tax compliance, and guarantees outstanding client experience. Each and every step of the process is automated boosting the efficiency and accuracy of business processes.


Backbase Forms is used to design rich interactive forms that make interaction intuitive, user-friendly and efficient. Resulting forms can be used across multiple channels (e.g. online, mobile, call center, front-office, etc.) and devices (desktop, mobile, tablet, ATM, kiosk, etc.). Form states can be saved automatically allowing the end-user to continue filling in the form in the future, even after switching channels (e.g. phone to desktop). Re-usable building blocks, including field elements, validation & business rules, back-end integration connectors and presentation templates, are the ingredients of these forms.

Dynamic Case Management

Backbase DCM Is the Business Process Management (BPM) capability of the Backbase platform and helps banks simplify and automate business processes. Customers and Bank Employees work together on an application throughout the entire lifecycle of a case. Built-in mobile and social capabilities simplify collaboration through any device and any channel. Communication with underlying legacy systems is done via configurable connectors (e.g. Core Systems, CRM), open, standards-based protocols (like SOAP, REST), and the Backbase API gateway. Backbase DCM is bundled with powerful employee-facing widgets that are typically made available through a "Staff" or "Employee" portal.


Backbase Studio is an one-stop-shop for designing and managing on boarding, self-service dialogs and business processes, all directly integrated with your internal systems to enable straight through processing. Combine visual modeling with your own custom code to deliver high-quality applications at the speed your business demands. Create beautiful and advanced UIs that perform well on all platforms, devices and the web. Get compelling experiences with drag-and-drop simplicity while Backbase takes away the complexity and change of underlying technologies.

Next Level
Mobile Banking

Banks have approached the creation of mobile apps in one of two ways. Most banks and credit unions have simply created a custom mobile app that’s more or less isolated from other customer touchpoints – online banking, telephone banking or branch – in order to tick a box and get feature parity with their competitors.

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True omni-channel origination & enrollment

A user can start the application for a financial product (let’s say a mortgage) on her smartphone while viewing the house she likes to purchase. She uses the simulation tools to see if she can pay for the home and what her monthly costs would be. She fills in the basic information and then notices she needs to provide details and upload files she doesn’t have at hand at the moment, and closes the application.

While at home she can continue the application she started without losing the already provide details, this can be done by browsing to the OLB app on her regular computer after being triggered by an automatic email she received. During the upload of her salary slips she wonders if she needs to include 2 or 3 statements, she uses the Video Chat feature in OLB to contact the customer contact center and speak to an agent. The agent knows immediate in which step of the process the customer is currently and also what information is already provided to judge what steps should be taken and provide the best information. After all is clear the customer can continue the application herself or can ask the CSR to complete the application.

After submitting the mortgage application, the user can track the application status within the approval process on her smartphone and through OLB in the ‘My Products’ feature. At a certain moment she receives a call by one of the agents to make an appointment in the branch for the final signatures. The branch rep works in the same system with the same information and when the (e)signatures are set, all the information is available to the customer on her smartphone and OLB, and next time she uses the ATM she sees not a boring ‘processing …’ screen but a personal message: “congrats on the house!”

The Leader in Omni-channel Banking

"Backbase’s Digital Banking Platform is the leading solution on the digital banking platform market. [...] Ovum recommends that banks shortlist Backbase’s Digital Banking Platform when searching for a competitive digital banking platform solution."

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“Backbase offers broad business capabilities, rich support of customer experience, and very solid technology and architecture. Backbase being a pure-play vendor, it is not a surprise that its commitment to its omni-channel banking solution is high.”

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This research evaluates 14 MADP vendors across four use cases of growing demand for mobile apps. "Backbase has been delivering horizontal portals, mobile apps and complete omni-channel projects for the past few years, for leading enterprises across the globe."

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