Backbase for

Enable policyholders and agents to view and update their accounts and policies from any device.


Digital transformation is high on the agenda of C-level insurance executives. Yet, many carriers have fragmented budgets and so many organizational silos that it becomes impossible to get any alignment on digital direction and scale. The result is digital silos, a repetition of the same strategic mistake made in the past to opt for discrete solutions rather than embrace unification of data, systems, processes and people.

The Backbase Insurance solution offers a holistic approach to digitization that makes it possible to unify the data acquired from any channel – a customer via mobile, an agent via desktop, a call center screen, a personalized medical device, and other data sources – all through one hub, the ‘anchor’, that orchestrates the digital experience across all touchpoints.

Smart insurance software solutions are crucial if insurers want to create seamless customer experiences.

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