Acquire in-depth product implementation knowledge with Backbase Academy

Backbase Academy is the starting point for acquiring in-depth knowledge about our product implementation. Communicating on various channels such as in-house, on-site and online trainings, the Academy is proud to lead and drive Backbase product education and increase expertise among our internal and external consultants.

Backbase Centre of Excellence

The Backbase Centre of Excellence approach supports our valuable partners and clients in reaching their targets and delivering Backbase projects with the best customer experience possible. To enable knowledge building and high-level, sustainable quality of execution, we provide:

  • Technical and business training
  • Backbase certifications
  • Onboarding bootcamp
  • Developer community.

Technical and business training

Backbase Academy has comprehensive training courses for all of our Backbase Customer Experience Platform (CXP) products. There are different courses and modules available for all skill levels, from introductory to advanced. They cover front-end and back-end development, CXP management and Backbase Forms.

All of our courses are led by a Backbase expert and include hands-on exercises that put your newly learned skills to the test straight away. Our expert will guide you through the course to ensure you gain a deep understanding of each topic. Training sessions are provided in one of the Backbase training centers in Amsterdam and Atlanta, or on-site in your own offices.

Backbase Academy offers the following courses:

CXP Developer Essentials Training

  • CXP Foundation
  • CXP FE Essentials
  • CXP BE Essentials

CXP Mobile Training

  • MobileSDK for Front-end Developers
  • MobileSDK for Native Developers

Backbase Business Training

  • CXP Manager
  • Backbase Business Analysis

Backbase Forms Training

  • Forms Modelling
  • Forms Front-end Development
  • Forms Back-end Development

Backbase Certifications

To be able to provide strong advice and reach the desired implementation quality, the Backbase Academy initiated the Certification Program. Each consultant is required to be certified before working on any Backbase project. By successfully passing the certification test, consultants are empowered to successfully implement our products.

The following certifications are offered:

  • Backbase CXP Back-end Developer Certification
  • Backbase CXP Front-end Developer Certification
  • Backbase Mobile Native Developer Certification
  • Backbase Forms Modelling Certification
  • Backbase Business Analysis Certification.

Onboarding boot camp

Partner enablement boot camps are “total immersion” training sessions that deliver the most up to date information on how to effectively run a Backbase project. Using a combination of classroom lectures, hands-on development tests and case studies, these sessions set the foundation upon which partners can gain a competitive advantage, building powerful solutions and growing their business.

The boot camp can be organised, per your preference, in our Amsterdam office or on-site. For more information, please contact [email protected].


Backbase developer community

My Backbase is a vibrant online community and resource center where you can learn all about Backbase, chat with Backbase experts, meet other members, and create great digital experiences together. Visit My Backbase for full access to the official product documentation, how-to guides, and our Q&A forums.

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For information, please contact Backbase Academy at [email protected] or +31207470282.

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