Webinar January 26, 2012

Digital Banking in 2012

Tools and ideas for the banking sector for 2012

Backbase CEO and Co-Founder, Jouk Pleiter, and Jelmer de Jong, Head of Global Marketing, deliver insightful digital banking forecast for 2012.

This year Backbase kicks off our webinar series by looking forward at the sector and asking: How can financials make the most of 2012? We give you the tools and guidelines to start the year prepared and ready to fully embrace the Engagement Banking era.

We’ll discuss:

  • Key areas on which banks should focus
  • Trends in engagement banking
  • Companies doing it right

In this webinar Backbase’s CEO and co-founder, Jouk Pleiter along with Head of Marketing, Jelmer de Jong, will share the latest developments in mobile banking, user experience, advanced personalization and the new, self-directed consumer.