Webinar December 15, 2010

Vision on Mobile Banking

Hannes van Rensburg on his approach to mobile banking

Mobile banking pioneer, Hannes van Rensburg – he developed the first mobile banking solution in 1999 – shares his vision of mobile banking.

In this webinar Hannes van Rensburg shares his vision on Mobile Banking. Hannes is the Chief Executive and Founder of Fundamo. Next to this, Hannes is the author of a widely read blog on mobile banking and an active participant in mobile banking conferences. Having launched the first mobile banking solution in 1999, Hannes is often seen as the pioneer of mobile banking.

Also in this webinar, Backbase is going to present multiple customer cases for Mobile Banking and multi channel publishing. Your customers are now accessing your online banking portal using a variety of devices: desktop, tablets and smartphones. You now need a single, cohesive platform to deploy your eChannel across these multiple devices. Learn how to develop a context-aware portal, one that provides your customers with an optimized and personal environment on any device, any time and anywhere.

Fundamo is a global, specialized mobile financial services solutions provider. The company was founded in 2000 and has been visionary in predicting the trend towards providing financial services through mobile phones and the impact this will have on the delivery of financial services, in both developing and developed markets.