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Backbase helps financial institutions transform their current banking offerings into modern, digital experiences that boost engagement and ensure lasting relationships with their clients. We integrate these applications into our omni-channel digital banking platform for a seamless customer experience. Get onboard and stay ahead of your customers.

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Three main objectives

The Backbase Platform helps you leverage industry best practices with industry specific, ready-to-go implementation accelerators, jumpstarting your project and dramatically decreasing your time-to-market.

1. Delight your customers

2. Empower your business teams

3. Accelerate your IT development

1. Delight your customers

Move your digital banking capabilities to the next level. Backbase offers a one-stop shop for building, running, managing, and optimizing digital banking apps using state-of-the-art technology. Make the most of every customer interaction. Create personalized, cross-channel customer journeys that deliver exceptional brand experiences across all digital touchpoints.

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My Money Dashboard

You can create personalized money management dashboards based on modular building blocks that can be customized according to the different audience segments. This will help you create a superior, personalized user experience.

  • Create beautiful ‘My Money Dashboards’ targeted at different customer segments.
  • Total end-customer control: the power to add new widgets, remove unwanted widgets, and create customized dashboards with drag and drop functionality.
  • Widget catalog for storing and managing existing and new apps.
  • Personal preferences remembered for every device, so customers can easily navigate to their personal dashboard, optimized for the relevant device.
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Accounts and Transactions

With the ability to display all account balances, customers can see at a glance their complete financial situation. This enables them to dive into any transaction, with control over filter options and categorization. Categories allow customers to see spending trends and define budgets, so they can make informed choices about their finances.

  • Easily monitor balances of all accounts: checking, savings, debit and credit cards, personal and mortgage loans, and so on.
  • Dive into transaction details with strong filtering options, integrated maps, plus tagging and categorization tools.
  • Track completed and pending transactions, including ATM visits, debit card purchases and direct deposits.
  • Custom grouping of accounts and shared accounts between account holders.
  • Ability to add external accounts from other banks.
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Personal Finance Management

Provides the ability to infer spending trends across the customer’s accounts, including external accounts. Allows customers to also plan and manage their budgets and saving goals through a simple and intuitive interface.

  • Tightly integrated PFM functionality at the heart of the banking experience.
  • Multi-bank and credit card account aggregation.
  • Easy-to-use budgeting and spending tools for financial insight.
  • Expense tracking.
  • Show trends and spending patterns over time.
  • Insight into total net worth across multiple banks in real-time.
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Easy Customer Onboarding

Provides new customers with an easy enrollment process, enabling financial institutions to shape their customer experience from the start of the process. Ability to integrate with several Know-Your-Customer services to expedite the process.

  • Onboard new customers with easy to use enrollment process.
  • Use mobile device to scan and upload key documents. Connect to Know-Your-Customer services (e.g., credit check, identity check, and so on).
  • Track-&-Trace capabilities to inform the customer about status and next steps.

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Money Movement

Collection of different money movement types that can be combined to provide a unified customer experience. Provides not only the ability to submit one-time and recurring payments, but also the ability to manage these payments from a centralized place.

  • Intuitive money transfer tools that support multiple types of transfers, from person-to-person and account-to-account payments.
  • Domestic payments and international payments are supported.
  • Support for scheduled and recurring payments.
  • Integrates with social address books so customers can transfer money securely to friends using email addresses or mobile phone numbers.
  • Review tool to monitor pending and scheduled payments.
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Deposits and Loans

Provides a full overview of all deposits and loan agreements, but also a simplified loan process and approval.

  • View details of deposits and loan agreements.
  • Check savings, credit card limit, loans and/or overdraft status and interest rates, and prioritise repayments with the ‘smart repayment’ feature.
  • Simplify the application process for new loans.
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Mobile Check Deposite

  • Use mobile device to accurately scans checks and transmit to the bank for posting and clearing.
  • Easy integration with best of breed / your local RDC providers.
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Bill Pay

  • Option to receive eBills from selected vendor.
  • Check and validate bills emailed directly to the secure message center for fast, secure payments.
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ATM Branch Locator

  • Display nearest ATMs and branch offices.
  • Clear map that is easy to navigate with and integrated with Google Maps.

Secure Access

  • Multilevel security model
  • Easy integration with multi-factor-authentication (MFA).
  • Ability to require step-up authentication for high risk transactions.
  • Option for soft-login via social login (Facebook and Twitter).

Card Management

  • Card management: allow users to manage their credit cards, including request new cards, block cards and change card limits.

Personal Profile

  • Engage customers by allowing them manage to their own personal profile.
  • Easy-to-update contact information and communication preferences.
  • Clear overview of purchased products services, including historical records.

Address Book

  • Integrated address book for fast, easy payments.
  • Seamlessly integrates with mobile & social address books.
  • Facilitate P2P payments via e-mail address, mobile phone number, or social profile details.

Message Center

  • Secure communication between bank and customer.
  • Easy integration with your customer contact center or front-office communication platform.

Notifications & Custom Actions

  • In app notifications (web and mobile)
  • Outbound notifications such as push messages, SMS, email alerts, and more.
  • Option to create Custom Actions to receive alerts or automate payments.

2. Empower your business teams

The inherent value of the Backbase Platform is that it brings IT and your business together, enabling more rapid and agile collaboration models. Content updates and targeted sales campaigns can be created in hours and can go live immediately. Onboarding and self-service apps can be rapidly built, seamlessly deployed and easily changed, all without the need for deep coding. Backbase empowers agile teams to innovate at the speed of digital.

Experience manager

Backbase comes complete with fully integrated content management and targeted campaign management capabilities, enabling digital marketers to easily edit website pages or mobile apps and run targeted sales campaigns to increase your online conversion and sales results.

Visual page editor

  • Easy-to-use in-context editing capabilities to update content and apps across marketing sites, secure internet banking and mobile apps.
  • Customizable workflows for verification and publication rules.
  • Reuse content and content assets across all digital touchpoints.
  • Easy reuse of content from your existing CMS.

Targeted campaigns

  • Track customer behavior and preferences, and create targeted cross-sell and upsell campaigns to increase your share of wallet.
  • Distribute campaigns across all your digital touchpoints, including internet and mobile banking apps and third party websites.
  • Integrated analytics spanning all channels, including regular web, mobile apps, and tracking of every action, from page views to events.

Reusable widget catalog

  • Backbase comes with enterprise Widget Catalog that’s populated with reusable widgets, templates, connectors, plugins and complete end-to-end banking apps.
  • Create your own assets, add them to the catalog, all tailored to your needs, and reuse them across multiple apps and projects.
  • Creating a new app becomes more like visually “assembling” and “orchestrating” the necessary building blocks, versus reinventing the wheel for each project.

Onboarding & origination

Improving digital customer onboarding and origination is one of the most effective sales strategies for banks and financial institutions wanting to improve engagement, share of wallet, retention and ultimately the lifetime value of a customer relationship. Backbase offers powerful software that helps you to fully digitize your customer onboarding and product origination operations, and achieve up to 80% cost and time savings by automating the onboarding process while minimizing manual paper handling and distribution.

Omni-channel forms

  • Design, manage and streamline all your customer dialogs across multiple channels (web, mobile, call center and front-office).
  • Streamline your onboarding and self-service dialogs, all integrated with your internal systems to enable straight-through processing.
  • Combine visual modeling with your own custom code to deliver high-quality applications at the speed your business demands.
  • Create beautiful and advanced UIs that perform well on all digital touchpoints, mobile devices and the web.

Dynamic Case Management

  • Backbase Dynamic Case Management helps you simplify and automate work. It brings together the people and information needed to get work done completely and correctly throughout the entire life cycle of a case.
  • Use visual tools to quickly build an executable model of your new application, then elaborate on the details in a unified, model-driven development platform.
  • Built-in mobile and social capabilities simplify collaboration through any device and any channel.
  • Communicate with legacy systems using configurable connectors (e.g., Core Systems, CRM), open, standards-based protocols (such as SOAP, REST), and the open Backbase API gateway.

3. Accelerate your IT development

Many banks seek the flexibility to customize their apps to meet their unique needs. Backbase offers the fastest way to customize and extend your banking apps. By streamlining the app-building process – including giving you the basic building blocks, so you never have to start from scratch – Backbase provides you with the agility to create tailor-made experiences that help you take the lead in the digital banking revolution.

Custom widget development

  • Open-standards-based widget development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript).
  • Easy to assemble industrialized UI building blocks.
  • Predefined and extensible domain models.
  • Industrializes integration and security patterns to communicate with any back-end.
  • Responsive and adaptive UI patterns.

Mobile SDK

  • Create hybrid or fully native mobile apps for Android and iOS.
  • Mix and match HTML and native UI elements in high-performance runtime.
  • Easy integration with any third party mobile SDKs.
  • Bank-grade security and high-performance runtime.
  • Clearly defined extension points with clean APIs.

Customer experience services

  • Robust enterprise security and application integration platform.
  • Modern micro-services-based customer experience orchestration architecture.
  • Integrated content management and personalization/targeting services.
  • Communication through simple, universally accessible APIs.
  • Classic deployment (servlet container) and native cloud deployment.

Digital banking services

  • Banking-as-a-Platform build on state-of-the-art micro-services architecture.
  • Highly scalable services for well defined and discrete tasks.
  • API-based banking capabilities that work seamlessly with existing core banking systems.
  • Modular and extensible architecture that enables easy customization to national and international requirements and regulation.
  • Classic deployment (servlet container) and native cloud deployment.

Onboarding and origination

  • Design and deploy smooth, cross-channel onboarding processes on any device.
  • Low code development platform to define enrollment and origination processes.
  • Straight-through processing and integrated Dynamic Case Management capabilities.
  • Create and manage your forms and the business logic behind them, without coding.

Open banking marketplace

  • More than 50 best-of-breed fintech plugins for security, communications, PFM, artificial intelligence, digital marketing, KYC and more.
  • Easily mix and match services from third party fintech providers without worrying about vendor lock-in or being stuck with your core banking system.
  • Eliminate risk and save time by finding the best tools that integrate with Backbase, and increase your team’s productivity and accelerate your digital transformation.

We are proud to be named Leader in the Forrester Wave for Digital Banking Engagement Platforms Q3 2017

Learn why Backbase has been recognised as a Leader for Digital Banking Engagement Platforms.

Forrester evaluated Backbase among 11 of the most significant offerings across 35 separate criteria. In the report, Backbase was named as a leader for Digital Banking Engagement Platforms and received the highest score in the current offering category.

Download the full report

Trusted by Leading Banks around the world

Backbase software is used by enterprises of all sizes to create customer-centric digital experiences that drive self-service and engagement, fuel online revenues, and maximize their customers’ online experience. Global financial institutions across the world and many others are standardizing on the Backbase Customer Experience Platform. See what they have to say about how Backbase has improved their digital customer experience and impacted their business.

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Backbase creates comprehensive omni-channel customer experience solutions that help retail banks and credit unions revive their digital customer interactions, dramatically increasing the stickiness of their relationships with their individual customers. We help you get your bank online faster by delivering a complete customer-centric digital experience solution that will differentiate you from your competition.

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