We empower financials to accelerate their digital transformation

We are the creators of the Backbase Omni-Channel Banking Platform, a state-of-the-art digital banking software solution that unifies data and functionality from traditional core systems and new fintech players into a seamless, digital customer experience.

We give financials the speed and flexibility to create and manage seamless customer experiences across any device, and deliver measurable business results. We believe that superior digital experiences are essential to stay relevant, and our software enables financials to rapidly grow their digital business.

We are proud to be named Leader in the Forrester Wave for Digital Banking Engagement Platforms Q3 2017

Learn why Backbase has been recognised as a Leader for Digital Banking Engagement Platforms.

Forrester evaluated Backbase among 11 of the most significant offerings across 35 separate criteria. In the report, Backbase was named as a leader for Digital Banking Engagement Platforms and received the highest score in the current offering category.

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4 reasons to choose Backbase:

Omni-channel: Putting your end-customers first

Today’s customers expect seamless customer journeys – any time, any place – that are easy to use, and without friction. Backbase helps you modernize and orchestrate all your customer touchpoints, transforming multiple siloed banking channels and legacy applications into a consistent brand experience that's easy to use and always available.

Cost-efficient: Reuse your core banking systems

With Backbase, there’s no need to replace or rebuild your core systems from scratch. Backbase allows you to repurpose them by incorporating their content, data and functionality into a new digital customer experience layer that's optimized for easy integration with your existing business applications. This delivers a unified and seamless customer experience across any device.

Ready to go: Jumpstart your digital transformation

Backbase has developed out-of-the-box digital banking solutions optimized for retail banking, commercial banking, wealth management and insurance-specific scenarios. Kickstart your project and dramatically decrease your time to market by leveraging industry best practices and ready-to-go implementation accelerators.

Growth: Control your digital strategy

Backbase puts you in control of your digital strategy, enabling you to create, manage and optimize the end-to-end customer experience across every device. We have invested in many years of R&D to give you exactly the right editing and digital marketing tools you need to take full control of optimizing the customer experience, resulting in more sales conversions.

We are Passionate.

Passion is at the heart of everything we do, because we’re naturally inclined to work hard at making something good, and enjoy doing it because we’re good at it. We are enthusiastic, and look for enthusiasm in others. It’s what drives us to deliver results, doing our very best work and helping our colleagues do the same.

We are Accountable.

Accountability is the fabric of our professionalism, honesty and maturity. We have fun doing what we do because we have personal integrity, which underpins our approach to life at Backbase. We care about our work, and respect and value the work of others. We take ownership of not only what we do, but of who we are and how we inspire others.

We are Explorers.

We are explorers of possibilities because we’re confident in our own skills. Our enthusiasm to innovate drives us to continue to learn, adapt and thrive in even the most difficult of circumstances. We explore, therefore we find, therefore we learn and create great things. Our natural curiosity leads us to challenge ourselves to become better, which inspires others to do the same, which leads to the discovery of new ideas, new results, and greater rewards.

We are Doers.

We understand that a great idea is nothing until it has become reality. We get things done. We create, innovate, and sculpt our ideas until they are real. We can make anything better if we put our minds to it, because we are doers.
Our can-do mentality helps us keep things simple and uncomplicated – it’s all about going back to basics (where our name comes from).

We are Digital Natives.

Being digital means many things. To us, it means being ahead of the curve in terms of knowledge, from the tools we use to the way we communicate, to our understanding of what it means to be digitally native. Digital is at our core. It’s second nature to us, and our outlook is progressive – seeing how digital technology can change the way we do everything, and how technology can simplify our lives. We are evangelical about digital technology, and enthusiastic about its potential to create an uncomplicated and enriching world of great possibility.

Trusted by Leading Banks around the world

Backbase software is used by enterprises of all sizes to create customer-centric digital experiences that drive self-service and engagement, fuel online revenues, and maximize their customers’ online experience. Global financial institutions across the world and many others are standardizing on the Backbase Customer Experience Platform. See what they have to say about how Backbase has improved their digital customer experience and impacted their business.

The Leader in Omni-channel Banking

“Since the previous Forrester Wave evaluation, Backbase has enhanced its capabilities for retail, corporate, and private banking. Today, it is second to none — and comes with supportive analytics, as well as rich digital sales and marketing capabilities."
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"Backbase’s Digital Banking Platform is the leading solution on the digital banking platform market. [...] Ovum recommends that banks shortlist Backbase’s Digital Banking Platform when searching for a competitive digital banking platform solution."
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This research evaluates 14 MADP vendors across four use cases of growing demand for mobile apps. "Backbase has been delivering horizontal portals, mobile apps and complete omni-channel projects for the past few years, for leading enterprises across the globe."

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