February 17, 2016

The Uberization of Banking

Uber has become a byword for the disruption of an entire industry with every new startup calling itself the ‘Uber of ______’.

What can we in banking and financial services learn from Uber and its fellow disrupters? How as established can we learn and innovate, to deliver better experiences to our customers? And how can we embrace disruption to beat out the wave of new fintech companies?

This webinar looks at:

  • Breakdown the types and elements of Uber-like disruption that apply to banking and financial services.
  • Examples of disruption and innovation.
  • The imperative to deliver innovative digital experiences.
  • What is required to deliver digital experiences that customers want to use.

Our guest speaker on this topic was Simon Mathews, Chief Strategy Officer, Extractable. Regularly sought after to speak on innovation and experience topics, Simon leads the strategy and digital experience design teams at Extractable, a leading digital experience design firm based in San Francisco.

He is responsible for driving better outcomes for his clients’ customers, through the application of cutting-edge digital design techniques and innovative strategies. Simon’s team spans digital strategists, user-experience designers, content strategists and visual designers working in an agile methodology.

He has over 20 years of consultancy experience spanning communications, advertising, and digital agencies in Europe, Asia and the US. He has worked with both major corporations and startups around the world including AIA, ACE Group, AIG, ALICO, Autodesk, BOK Financial, BMO, Dell, Emirates Airlines, IBM, Juniper, Leapfrog, LVMH., Merrill Corporation, Micron, McAfee, Motif Investing, The Newport Group, Nokia, Reebok, St. Luke’s, Seagate, Southwest Airlines, Stanford healthcare, TD Bank, Ubisoft, ZoneLabs, and WL Gore.

Simon has visited 56 countries and is an avid kiteboarder, always seeking the next windy destination.