Webinar February 28, 2013

Digital Marketing Strategies for Financials

Jim Marous and Jay Dillemuth on successful digital marketing strategies

Leading direct marketing strategist Jim Marous, and SVP of Integrated Marketing Jay Dillemuth, share their expertise on creating successful digital marketing strategies.

The rise in digital technologies is transforming how bank marketers can reach, engage and deliver value to their customers. With a proliferation of media channels, financial marketers must understand these new digital tools and be in a position to implement digital strategies that add value to the marketing mix and integrate with already established marketing and business practices.

This webinar will discuss several digital marketing strategies that are being successfully used by financial organizations to reach digitally savvy audiences. Tools will be presented along with examples of ways to gain a competitive advantage online. By attending the webinar, participants will be better equipped to lead their own digital marketing strategies that will achieve high impact marketing objectives.

Taking part in this month’s webinar are leading digital marketer and financial consultant’s Jim Marous and Jay Dillemuth. The session will be hosted by Jouk Pleiter, Backbase’s CEO.