Webinar July 12, 2012

Bank 2.0 Trends

Discover what are the Bank 2.0 trends of 2012

Bank 2.0 – What is it? How did it start and who’s doing it right? Find out with Jouk Pleiter and Jelmer de Jong as they discuss the latest trends.

Backbase hosted a webinar in the summer, in which we observed Bank 2.0 trends of 2012, such as: What are the most important trends in online and mobile banking? Which banks are doing what? And, additionally, we’ll be sharing our own vision and a few customer cases.

On the agenda for this webinar:

  • Successful User Experience Design in Banking
  • The Cross Channel Customer Journey
  • The Next Step in Marketing: Contextual TargetingCustomer Cases: ABN Amro, ABSA and TCS Bank

In this webinar Backbase’s CEO and co-founder, Jouk Pleiter along with Head of Marketing, Jelmer de Jong, will share the latest developments in mobile banking, user experience, advanced personalization and the new, self-directed consumer by showing client cases, best practices and the latest research.