Webinar December 14, 2011

Reinventing Financial Services

Roger Peverelli on customer-centric approach for financial services

Exclusive tips on how to become a more customer-centric bank, from best-selling author Roger Peverelli of Reinventing Financial Services fame.

Quite simply, the future of banking is about putting customers first. In this exclusive Backbase webinar, Roger Peverelli, co-author of the international bestseller, “Reinventing Financial Services”, identifies the six, key, consumer trends that set the stage for how financials will have to act in the future.

Peverelli taps into his years of experience working with financial services firms to explain how they can address the following challenges related to this new, more customer-centric reality.

In this webinar he discussed how to:

  • Restore customer’s trust
  • Differentiate when transparency rules
  • Get closer to customers using all channels
  • Leverage social media and mobile services
  • Align customer centricity with profitable growth