Webinar October 6, 2011

The Future of Banking

Brett King on the era of engagement banking

Brett King, renowned author and Founder of Moven, formerly known as Moven Bank, discusses the emergence of the era of engagement banking.

The future of banking will not be about a place you go, about branch networks, rates or product features. The future of banking is in the utility and connectedness with customers.

In this exclusive Backbase BANK 2.0 webinar, the bestselling author of BANK 2.0, discusses how the very nature of banking is changing, how customer’s expectations, customer behavior and context will force banks to reboot the way they work their customers.

Highlights of this webinar include:

  • The Changing Behavior of Customers
  • The Generational Cliff – when your customers are all gone
  • The Loss of Physicality – No Paper, No Plastic
  • The New Utility – Connected, Contextual, Fun, and Fair
  • The New Banking Ecosystem – BANK 1.0 versus BANK 2.0