Webinar March 29, 2011

Future of Payments

Chris Skinner on digitalization of money: Money is meaningless

Acclaimed financial services commentator Chris Skinner, talks about how money is being digitalized and what this means for banks.

Join Jouk Pleiter, CEO and Co-Founder of Backbase, and Chris Skinner, founder of the Financial Services Club to learn all about how social media and mobile are changing the banks in the coming 5 years. In this webinar: Money Is Meaningless.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Since PayPal began, we have seen money being digitized
  • Now mobile is booming, the whole mechanism of money and customer interaction is being revolutionized
    Add to this Facebook credits and other virtual currencies, and you soon realise it’s not about money but it’s about value
  • Value management in all its forms – money, knowledge, ideas, time, goods, services, trade – is the critical focus for tomorrow’s institutionsWhat does it mean for you?

Chris Skinner is the CEO of Balatro Ltd and the founder of the Financial Services Club. He is a respected industry keynote speaker, the author of several books on the future of banking, and writer of the well-known blog The Finanser.