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Backbase delivers the leading omni-channel digital banking platform that helps financial institutions to create, manage, and optimize superior customer experiences, across any device and channel.

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Banking out of the box:
Widget Collections

Widgets are mini-applications, or lego blocks, that can be combined (mix & match) to create end-user applications such as: a online banking portal, a mobile banking app, a wearable app, or they can run embedded in the customer contact center and ATMs.

Modular Lego Blocks

Backbase is powered by widgets, which are essentially mini applications. They work like modular user experience building blocks, taking the content and functionality they need from different underlying systems and combining it into easy to use customer experiences.

Run Everywhere

Widgets are incredibly flexible, they can be reused across multiple apps, sites, portals, but also across channels and devices. They can have any look and feel, they talk with each other to create more dynamic contextual experiences, and they can be wrapped in mobile apps to be deployed to any mobile device or app store.

Productized Anatomy

To accelerate development of new widgets and capabilities within our Widget Collections, we've productized the widget Atanomy, from UX to deployment. Use the Backbase Design System to quickly use components and modules to create new widgets, and use our widget development framework to ensure your widgets can be developed quickly, without worrying about NFRs.

Turn-key digital experience for Retail Banking, Business Banking and Wealth Management

The Backbase Digital Banking Platform ships with three Widget Collections, a set of widgets that together form an out of the box responsive online banking portal and mobile app. These Widget Collections are optimized for Retail Banking, Business Banking, and Wealth Management.

Retail Banking

Reduces time-to-market for banks and credit unions who need to accelerate their digital strategy. Puts banks and credit unions back in control of their digital strategy so they can address their customers needs directly. Empowers business owners like digital marketers to create, manage and optimize the end-to-end customer experience.

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Business Banking

Optimized for SME and Corporate banking. Aggregates data and functionality from multiple back-end systems for payment, cash management, FX, and accounting. Supports multi-user scenarios by leveraging existing entitlement and identity management systems, to create targeted tools for CFOs, treasurers, and AP clerks.

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Wealth Management

Gives direct insight in to portfolio performance, from helicopter view down to individual transaction level. Full document and research center plus real-time stock news and custom alert tools. Safe, secure client and advisor communications via direct message center. Means to create calculators, simulation tools, and wizards to aid financial planning and advisory.

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API driven banking back-end: DBS

Digital Banking Services (DBS) provides a robust set of capabilities that supply customer banking functionality to enrich and expand your existing systems and their abilities. DBS comes out of the box with logic to enable channel specific functionality, data persistency, and cross channel / cross business services orchestration.  This all to streamline high-performance omni-channel experiences with rich and interactive data that normally would not be available directly from the core banking or back-end systems.



Manage all customers products, including Current Accounts, Cards, Deposits, Investments, as well as their respective balances, and product details.


Use the Transaction capability to view the list of the executed transactions, pending holds and authorizations. You can perform a stacked search using dates, amount ranges, and transaction category.


Create and manage a list of frequently used counter-parties (or beneficiaries). Contacts includes hooks to entitlements to add approval flows on the contact manager.


Send notifications from another DBS capability or back-end system. Notification can be received by specific customers, users representing the customer, or a group of users or customers.


Entitlement define what a user can do, how it can be done, and the constraints that apply when they do it. Including 3rd party access to accounts (from persons and systems), approval flows, service arrangements, sum and date limits.

Message Center

Enable secure communication between the bank and the customer, on every channel and devices. Including attachments, message workflows, and hooks to 3rd party CSR / helpdesk systems.


Run defined flows when a specific events is triggered. Bringing IFTTT functionality to banking.

Out of the box digital banking solutions.

Deliver the 10x better bank with our out of the box banking solutions optimized for Retail Banking, Business Banking and Wealth Management. Our solutions combine our Widget Collections, DBS, and Experience Management capabilities to deliver and seamless omni-channel customer experience.

Integration Architecture

One of the key strengths of the Backbase Omni-Channel Digital Banking Platform is its robust Integration Services that enable customers to re-use their existing investments in their core banking and other back-end systems. Out of the box, Backbase enables quick integration to the most commonly used core-banking systems.

Get ready for PSD2

Backbase’s delivers an API driven architecture that is entitlements aware. Enabling our customers to be ready for whatever the future bings. Including ensuring PSD2 readiness in the digital channel by delivering the tools to accelerate PSD2 projects, from the consumption side (delivering multi-bank PFM capabilities) to the API delivery side by delivering open API’s, with proper security controls.

The Backbase
Open Banking Marketplace

We at Backbase believe banks should regain control over their own digital experience. With the Open Banking Marketplace we give the opportunity to integrate best of breed apps in your Backbase powered digital bank. More than 50 best of breed FinTech plug-ins for security, communications, PFM, artificial intelligence, digital marketing, KYC and more; an open platform where best-of-breed vendors offer choice to financial institutions.

For more information, visit the Backbase Open Banking Marketplace

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